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We print on premium latex balloons with only the highest quality latex inks. We only use helium quality, balloons because we care about the environment. Screen printed technology ensures a professional, clear imprint – unlike a stamped image which distorts when inflated

Why Choose Clown Balloons:

• High Quality Latex Balloons
• Competitive Prices
• Critical Clear Images
• Fast Printing & Dispatch
• 25 Years’ Experience
• Small Orders, No Problem – Minimum is just 100 balloons
• Provide Promo Materials for McDonalds & Liquorland
• Only Provider of Double Sided print in four colour

There are many options for purchasing similar balloons online; however, Clown Balloons is the only manufacturer that offers custom printing on both sides of helium balloons. These custom balloons are also made of the highest quality materials. The colours used in the printing process are superior to other balloon printing companies. Clown Balloons is also pleased to offer some of the most competitive prices available when buying balloons online.

Why Custom Printed Balloons Are A Hit At Events

If you are looking to market your company in a fun and innovative new way, then custom printed balloons are the right choice for you. If you are having an event or a launch party, it is essential that you include these promotional balloons to market your brand and get your customers excited about your company. Here are three ways that custom printed balloons work in your favour at events.

Familiarize Customers With Your Logo

By ordering balloon printing for your next event, you’re creating easily visible and vibrant focal points on which your potential customers will see your logo. These custom balloons will help to encourage your customers to become familiarized with your logo and company name.

Add Pizzazz 
Launch events and company functions can be dull if you don’t do something to spice up the atmosphere. These printed balloons don’t just promote your brand, but they add some upbeat flair to the atmosphere of your event.


Give Your Customers Something To Take Home
It is a great idea to allow your customers to take these promotional balloons home with them at the end of your event, perhaps for their children. Printed balloons make for a great souvenir and your customers will appreciate them.

Many companies use helium balloons to add some flair to their events. However, if you want to take it to the next level, then the best choice is a custom balloon featuring your company’s name logo.

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