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Balloon Recycling

Clown Balloons are proud to announce we are foundation members of Balloon Recycling Australia.   This is an organisation dedicated  to the recycling of balloons. 

Balloons have been indelibly thought of as a single use plastic, which in itself is an absurd statement as balloons are made from latex which are collected from rubber trees, not plastic.

For too long Balloons have been thought of as a single use plastic,  which is in itself a ridiculous statement as balloons are made from latex from trees,  not plastic

Despite this disinformation the industry is banding together to recycle balloons into various products.   

Not only are balloons not plastic but with the advent of this initiative they are no longer single use.

The balloon industry has taken it upon itself to virtually self regulate by creating an opportunity for all balloon users and purchasers to return balloons to where they bought them from or directly to us or to  Balloon Recycling Australia in Brisbane.

We are very proud to announce that Clown Balloons in Sydney have been  printers to the industry for more than 30 years, are on board with Recycling and we ask that you support us accordingly.   

You will be surprised and amazed at the  many uses for recycled balloons. 

These uses include but are not limited to: 

Expoxy Resin Floor being created using recycled latex and foil flakes.

Concrete businesses who wish to incorporate latex flakes into their non structural concrete jobs, such as curbing and garden edging.

Teddy Bear maker to incorporate latex flakes into her bespoke teddy bears.

Many different toys and sculptures

Soon A client will be able to save the balloons from their special occasion ( a 21st - an engagement - a wedding - a baby shower etc )

They will then be able to send the balloons to us ( or to you, if they are your client )
We will then make those balloons into any one of a number of various hand made gifts and send this gift back to them ( or you ).

Thus encasing the balloons from their special occasion to be kept forever as a memento.

This will be unique to Balloon Recycling Australia - 

The initiative is new,  in its infancy,  in time our vision is to locate   return balloon boxes in retail sites, fast food chains that use balloons in their restaurants, anywhere that makes it easy to return balloons.  The environmentally thoughtful amongst us will surely want to ensure that they balloons they use wind up recycled.   It will all happen in time,  but meanwhile if you can help to support us it will happen more quickly.

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